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What You Can Improve


These days we all need to be as fit in mind and body as we can to face the challenges and opportunities before us. Perhaps you are a little anxious at times hindering your ability to do as well as you would like to in your work, private, and social lives. Some of you may have addictions to tobacco, alcohol, food, or perhaps other things, which waste your money and sap your strength giving you no lasting benefits. You may have issues from your past which you need to release in order to bring out your full creativity and ability so that you gain a natural confidence free from the shackles of past negative conditioning.

Do not worry. Your power lies within your own subconscious mind. You just need the help of a professional hypnotist to release it, and you will be amazed what changes are possible in a short time. Counseling and other talking therapies are slow (they call 12 to 20 sessions brief therapy!). They are also poor at accessing the subconscious power you possess within. So hypnosis has often been called gThe Peoplesf Therapyh because it allows us to change and succeed in the most economical way - it is both fast and effective. I want to explain the secrets and benefits of hypnosis to you.

1) Become Fearless
You know how anxiety can hold you back, making you re-experience the fears of childhood. As a result some people are anxious about giving presentations at work, or performing well at a job interview. Others get nervous and tongue tied in social situations, or in relations with a partner or potential partner. Some have phobias of specific things like spiders, flying, or driving on busy roads (there are scores of phobias we are experienced in dealing with). The most severe problems are panic attacks and agoraphobia which can really cripple and dominate a suffererfs life.

Studies show that hypnosis can dramatically reduce the severity of these problems, and in many cases eliminate them altogether in just a few short sessions. Imagine how you would feel if anxieties were to be eliminated from your life, and you could just do what you need to without these troublesome issues, which are usually caused by events with roots in our past (as well as by present conditioning) holding you back. Freedom at last!

2) Kick Addiction Out of your life
Most of us have an addiction or two. It could be tobacco, or alcohol, other drugs, or a behavior like excessive shopping, or perhaps a form of risk taking like gambling. Scientists believe that these addictions are attempts to distract ourselves from the emotional pain that we experience. At first they work! But then the negative consequences to our health, or wealth, kick in and we realize we have to cut down or stop the behavior before it brings us down. Hypnosis can help us do this. Suggestions can help us to realize the true harm we are doing to ourselves and leave the behaviors behind. Also we can deal with any unhappiness which is a legacy from our past that has been driving the addictive behavior. You will then be able to move forward and achieve your dreams without being held back by an addiction. If it has been going on for a long time, you will not be able to believe at first how powerful you really are in your true personality unwrapped by the addiction. The future could be very different from the present and past you have had!

3) Defeat Pain
We all suffer some pain from time to time, whether it is the acute pain of an illness, or medical/dental procedures, or chronic pain, perhaps from a medical condition or accident. Again, scientific studies show that hypnosis can greatly reduce this burden many are carrying. Through the use of modern techniques of clinical hypnotherapy it is possible to help alleviate discomfort using the amazing power of your subconscious mind. Have a look at a video showing a hypnotherapist, Dr John Butler, having an operation without any anesthetic www.hypnotherapytraininginstitute.org (scroll to the end of the page and click on one of the links).

4) Enjoy Supreme Confidence
Would you like to go to work or search for a new job if you need to, with supreme confidence? Would you like to be assertive with others, and enjoy a full social life without low self esteem holding you back? Hypnosis can help you attain all this in just a few short sessions. The latest therapy techniques will be taught to assist you to think and feel in the most empowering way, while releasing past conditioning which has been limiting you. It is possible to greatly increase confidence levels and allow you to achieve things you never thought you could.

5) Become Slim and Fit
It is always well worth investing in your physical health, so the challenges and enjoyments of life can be experienced at your ideal weight and fitness level.Your attitude to exercise and healthy eating and drinking can be evolutionized with hypnosis. At present you do the wrong things to comfort yourself, or through boredom or lack of purpose. A more empowering way of being can be instilled into your mind by the expert use of hypnosis, so that you are able to easily attain the healthy body you deserve, and of course this also serves to increase confidence and reduce any tendency to depression.