Hiroko Unami Clinical Hypnosis




I just wanted to let you know that I had an amazing Christmas this year and I think it has a lot to do with how you've helped me. For many years now I have hated holidays...couldn't wait for them to be over. This year was different. I was enjoying every minute. When I sat down to think about why...I realized that I wasn't depressed about being alone...I wasn't thinking about my past relationships and where I would be if I hadn't called off the wedding. I think I was happy this year because you helped me to deal with things that I never really would deal with and you also helped me to cut the ties. So, I wanted to thank you again! :) Love, i`. H. `j

Hi Hiroko. I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me. I am amazed at the changes I see and feel in myself. I have eaten less than half of what I would normally eat in a day. I feel super motivated...and...I actually put make up on this morning.
I have been practicing the positive self talk...especially when I am falling asleep at night. Funny thing happened the day after our session...not just one...but 2 or 3 people commented that I looked really good and like I have lost weight. I know it has to do with the way I carry myself when I am 'positive'. :) Cool, right?
Thanks again for everything. BTW...your discernment is amazing!! You mentioned something about how I write easier than I talk. :) It is very true...although, you have gotten a lot more out of me in the time we have spent together than my therapist did in the many, many months I spent with her! I remember one session that we just sat completely silent because she told me she wasn't going to talk...that I had to do the talking that day. Hehehe...I couldn't...my voice wouldn't surface!
Anyway, thanks for understanding that about me and not pushing me! : (L. K. Teacher)

Thank you for a wonderful session. I loved the forgiveness work and no longer felt angry with my mother after that. I could have a healthy line between my mother and me. Now I feel love and confidence. I started liking me...Thanks again. (K. D. Accountant)

This is Emily and I want to wish you a wonderful holiday. I also want to thank you again. After our session I have been doing well and I am not letting old memories predict how I want to feel today. Whenever I feel overwhelmed I picture myself taking back the energy I have lost. I am so appreciative for this skill which you have taught me. Thanks a million. Hugs and kisses to you!! (E. J. Jewelry Designer)

Your session was wonderful. It was beyond my expectation. Now I could accept myself as I am. I noticed that I donft have to be perfect. I am so released. You saved my life. Thank you somuch, I love you. (M. B. Secretary)

I wanted you to know that my performance was great. I was calm, focused and enjoyed it. I was so proud of me. I have no doubt the session been so powerful. (M. H. Pianist)

Hello Hiroko!
This is me Tina. I wanted to thank you again for your help! I feel like a new person inside I can't put into words because I can actually feel the change inside me. My mind is so at ease not worrying about tomorrow or yesterday. I am enjoying the present day. I will continue to keep in touch. Thank you soooooo much! Lots of Love! Tina (T. F. Nurse)

It was amazing that I could go to my past life. Now I know the deep relationship with my husband. I wonft leave him. Your session saved our marriage. Thanks. (M. L. Housewife)

During the session, I couldnft control my tears. But now I know that tears cleaned my negative past emotions. I felt like I was reborn after the session. I feel super wonderful. (C. B. Lawyer)

Hiroko, you are the great hypnotist/healer. I was amazed you cleanse my negativity and put lots of positive feelings into my deep subconscious mind.Your powerful soothing voice led me into huge deep trance. I didnft want to come back from hypnotic state. (V. W. Banker)

After only one session, my test anxiety was gone. I could take the test and I passed it. I really appreciate your help. (A. K. Student)